Monday, March 30, 2009

What Could Be Better Than This?

We had our biggest group of horses ever at a horse show so there was no time to sit still!!! What a nice weekend! Everyone pitched in and worked together to make it all happen and the results were very nice!!

Ginger White was in her element on Saturday in the Rookie class showing her good mare Juiced Up and winning both divisions with a 72!!! It was a gorgeous ride!! She is right on track this year and being so consistent which is the key to the year end awards. Way to go Ginger... keep it up!!

Lucas played paintball on Saturday and let Brad school his horses but showed up on Sunday with a plan to show well. With a smooth hand on the reins and his upper body back in his run downs Lucas placed first and second in the Youth 14-18. Real nice rides on both Chubby and Bobby!! Congratulations!!

Kyndall marked a 71 on Saturday and won the 13 and under and then had a fun day on Sunday as well. An up and coming 10 year old from south Florida marked a 73 early in Kyndall's class so the bar was set high. Since we've been showing Chicken pretty soft this year we thought we'd let Kyndall give him a run and try to beat that big score. Kyndall and Chicken sure gave it a big try but in the end marked a 72 and ended up second. It was all great fun and most of us are glad we don't have to show against those kids!! Great Job!!

It was a tough week for Danielle Cohen. On Wednesday Danielle got into a little horse wreck when she was unsaddling at her barn in Davey, Florida. Danielle ended up in the hospital for a day and a half with two fractured ribs. In spite of that Danielle made it to the horse show and showed all three of her horses. Just getting on and off was tough so you can imagine how hard it was to run down the pen and stop. We're real proud of the big effort she made and time is the only cure for those ribs.... hang in there!

Saturday night was our FRHA Awards Banquet..and Dance! We all had a blast and were thankful for the volunteers that made it all possible. We were very proud of the individuals on our team who received the awards. Natalie Pace was awarded her Green buckle for graduating out of the Green classes and earning over 80 points last year! Way to go Nat and good luck to your future in reining! Ginger was also awarded her Green buckle and given the Tony Schmidt Award for the high point green rider last year! Danielle Cohen also got her Green graduation buckle. Lucas received his Youth 14-18 Champion buckle, and Kyndall was awarded 2 championship buckles: Rookie and Youth 13 & Under. The buckles this year are particularly nice!!!!

Sunday went really well for a lot of us! Both Burl and Karen had nice rides in the Green 2 class. Burl ended up 2nd in the class and Karen was showing her new mare "Piggy" for the first time this weekend and did a great job getting through her pattern with some very nice stops! Jeremy Zangl also put in some good rides on his stallion. Also, Steven Duchac did well getting his gelding ironed out.

Brad marked a 73 on Dually to start off the Novice Horse class and that lasted until the last rider who beat him with 73 1/2. So second place and a couple hundred for the paycheck was still fun!! Congratulations Cathy and Sandy Creek Performance Horses on Dually's second pay check!

Special thanks to Natalie for all her hard work this weekend both at home and at the horse show!!

Well its back to work this week and looking forward to our next show! Way to go gang!!!

Here are some other pictures from the show. I don't know what was up with all the red?

This is just a fun picture I wanted to add of Danielle. This is her ex reiner that she taught to jump. I am just amazed by this! Welcome to the team Danielle. You have shown us what it means to really be passionate about something by pushing through your injuries and still giving it your best effort!


JG said...

Wow, you guys are tearing it up. Congratulations!!

marmee said...

good job everyone!

Anonymous said...

Hey Esther,
We all had a great time at the show!! It was really fun and I had a blast riding Funny Face!! I can't wait to see ya'll and her next time. Happy Easter, Kyndall

Brad & Esther Pagh said...


Thanks for saying that, we could not be prouder of everyone and the effort they all put forth to achieve their goals!


It is amazing how difficult it can be to show a horse. You cannot always tell just by watching. So we are so happy when someone we help can get that done!


We are so glad you enjoyed the show, you did really well showing Chicken. You are looking great on Funny Face and we cannot wait to see you show her for the first time! I am sure you can hardly stand it!! We are proud of you!


Barbara said...

Good Morning,
Just found your site, like your horses. Hope to see more of them.
I raise cutting horses by Weatherford Texas. Maybe I'll see you at a show sometime. Love those reiners!

Brad & Esther Pagh said...

Hello Barbara!

Thank you for coming by! We go out your way a lot so maybe we will run into you. We will keep you in mind if we have anyone looking for cutters.