Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lucas McCullough

If you hadn't heard yet Lucas McCullough was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma, cancer, two weeks ago today. Lucas has two lymph node groups affected around his heart and lungs. If you look back at our blog and web site you will see Luke is a huge part of our lives and a big part of the Team Pagh family. To say the least Luke's mom and dad, Jean and Lee were devastated with the news. They got over the shock and rallied around their son with the determination that together they would see Lucas through this. The doctors all say this is a very treatable form of cancer and we are all believing in Luke's full recovery! Luke has begun chemo treatments that should last the next several months followed by radiation. Luke was in Shand's Hospital in Gainesville for a week and a half but is home now this week. He is moving around a little slow but has been out around the ranch everyday. Luke is looking forward to getting through this whole thing and getting back to what he loves... riding and showing his horses. If any of you want to get in touch with Luke you can call me and I will get you his number. Please be praying for his speedy recovery! Brad