Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cow Horse Show in Ocala

Lucas showed Bobby this weekend at the Dixie Reined Cow Horse Association show at OEC and really did a great job! He won all three divisions of the Non-Pro both days! Total earnings of $650 dollars! On Saturday they scored a 142 and on Sunday the duo marked a 71 in the rein work and a 74 in the cow work with a total score of 145 and really earned that nice score. Lucas also collected his hardware, two buckles, from last year winning the 2008 awards for Novice Non Pro and the Non Pro! This was Lucas' first cow horse show this year so it was a great start!! Way to go Luc ... keep it up!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Ruby's Pups Are Born!!

It started around 5 am this morning and she finally had the first puppy around 8:30am. She was trying to hide wherever she could when the contractions started...

She had a hard days work ahead of her.

First came three back to back. Little girl one, little boy two, and then another little girl.

Ruby was very tired at this point. I was thinking surely there must be more. And there was. She was just taking a little much-needed break! I did not mind one myself. I did get a couple winks of sleep earlier that night! I love this picture of little boy two resting on his Mama's arm.

Now we have five! Two boys and three girls. Grace is going to be ecstatic when she gets back from Minnesota!

She is a crazy good mother, as I knew she would be!

She is very worn out, but is not allowing herself to rest much because she is busy tending to the beautiful new creations!