Monday, March 8, 2010

I'm So Proud of Kyndall !!!

You know its kind of funny but I always feel that one of my jobs as a horse trainer and coach to all you riders is to kind of put myself out of business! In other words to get you all to be so good at this that you are self sufficient! I guess I'm glad there are always young horses coming along to train so I can keep making a go of this! Here is what I'm talking about.

This weekend I took five horses and headed to Sarasota for a cow horse show.. that all went well... Luke was 2nd in the non-pro and Meagan and Malerie Whitehurst both did a great job showing their horses... Meagan is leading the Southeast Division of the country in the youth limited class and was 3rd in the Limit Non Pro! Malerie was 6th in the Green One and really had a nice ride in her second cow horse show ever!

... the biggest story of the weekend however is that JB and Bonnie Burney took their granddaughter Kyndall Harper up to Perry Georgia all by herself to the NRHA show there and showed her horse Chicken four times. Kyndall and Chicken won the Youth 13 and Under both days and bigger than that they won the Limit Non Pro both days!! Two pewter trophies and a couple hundred in paychecks and all without me there!! I couldn't be more proud of that!!! That tells me that Kyndall has really learned how to do this whole thing including preparing her horse to show and getting thru without me hovering over her the whole time!!

Another added dimension to all of this is that Ckicken has been off for almost two months due to a bruised sole.. he was really lame. The vet had told Kyndall before the Florida Classic that it would probably be OK if she brought Chicken and showed him there cautiously. Kyndall made the decision to leave Chicken home and let him have another few weeks of rest which I thought showed a lot of maturity on her part. And now I guess we could say it all paid off in the end!

I try my best to bring each of my riders along in their abilities and realize that someday they will become pretty self sufficient. As least that is my goal with every one of you that rides with me. I just hope it doesn't happen to all of you at once!!

Way to go Kyndall.. you make me very proud!!! Brad

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fixing a Mistake

A couple posts ago, I had included an amazing video of little Ashlyn riding "Chic O Lana" But, the video did not work for most people. I decided to make it easy and post it on Youtube! Below, you will find a repeat post, but this time the video works.

Also, look for upcoming blog about the last won't want to miss some exciting news!!