Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Horse Show and Farm Days

These are a few candid pics from the January Jax show that my friend Anne sent over to share with everyone.

Mike, Sherry, and Baby Samantha G
Plus, the "little horse show talks" we all know
(Brad & Burl)

Luke the goof!

The beautiful Lady in Red, Karen.

A classic pose!

Cutie Miranda
Brad riding Ginger's "Juiced Up"


Last week, we had a great visit from Brad's parents, Gary and Betty Pagh. They joined us for a day of lessons on the farm.

Grace is showing off her faithful, and tolerant dog, Ruby!

Who is expecting a new litter in May!

Anyone else who has some pictures they want to submit, send them over!!


marmee said...

so great to see some photos of gvp and of the farm.

JG said...

Great photos.

marmee said...

i did go on your website and look at a bunch of the stuff. i like it. it looks good.

Brad & Esther Pagh said...


Thanks, I am glad you enjoyed the photos. GVP is the best. I added some pictures of the male Ruby is bred to, if you want to look on our website now.


Brad & Esther Pagh said...


I am glad you liked the pictures.