Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Reining in May

You can bet your lucky red shirt this girl is hard to beat

About as rare as getting a picture of the McCullough Mom and Dad

What we love about horse shows is the time it gives you to just think

and think

and think

The famous perching area shows are a time to play hide and seek

to gather together and cheer for each other

smiling faces

working hard to accomplish goals

a job well done, loving care

This is what our horse show weekends are all about!


(Creative Country Mom) said...

Oh but what memories, your horse friends are your family. I have been out of "the game" for 15 years, a mom and wife now, but I still sneak off to a show or two, and feel right at home. Once it's in your blood, it never fades. I enjoy your blog and a hello from Indiana. ~Brooke

Anonymous said...

The newest update was different from the other ones but we enjoyed it!!! Good Job!

Kim and Kassidy

PS we love to read the blogs.