Saturday, April 18, 2009

April Clinic at the Ranch!!

Just a quick one about the clinic yesterday! We had eight riders and they all did a fantastic job! Several of the riders were seasoned veterans and several were brand new to riding reiners.

First of all let me talk about Kassidy Long. This was the third time this week I had the good fortune of coaching her since she was on spring break. Kassidy is 15 and has been taking lessons with me for close to two years and is a regular at my Jacksonville clinics. She has never kept a horse in training so she does all the work on her own horses at home.

Kassidy has become a great example of how I like to see someone ride. The way she sits and keeps her upper body in position and uses such soft quiet hands is awesome. The 4 year old mare she is riding has made a huge transition in a very short time all due to Cassidy's skill and obvious effort. Way to go Kassidy... you are destined to be a star!!!

Well I am not going to talk about every person that was here and several of them are good at everything they do so I was not surprized. But... there were three absolute beginners to the reining style of riding that did an excellent job! Steve and Sharon Hansen and Bobbie Miller. First of all Steve found out that his horse had some reining skills like spinning and lead changing that just need to be honed a little bit but the ground work is all there... that was fun. Bobbie was riding a reiner, our lesson horse, for the second time ever and really did such a nice job all day. She rides well already and is going to add the reining skills to what she already knows. She hopes to get a reiner of her own and jump in!

Finally our most improved rider of the day was Sharon Hansen. Last week Sharon bought Chic's Chilli from JB Burney and has only ridden him three times on the trail. At the beginning of the day she was having some trouble getting Chilli to work well for her but after some private time with Natalie, our apprentice, and then fitting back in with the group she was galloping all over the place with the rest of us!
She loped and changed leads both ways...spun beautifully...and even fenced Chilli with several little stops! Really it was exciting to see the progress made in one day!! Way to go Sharon... we hope to see a lot more of you and Steve!

Thanks to all of you for coming out... it was a fun day for me!

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marmee said...

looks like everyone had a good time. so great to have so many at your clinic.